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Video Production

Tower Light Media is a video production company based in the Bay Area, CA, and United States that specializes in advertisements, sales conversions and story-telling. Tower Light Media has assisted businesses in better demonstrating their offerings through live and animated video productions. We accomplished this by assembling a world-class team of project managers, scriptwriters, graphic design specialists, illustrators, and animators, as well as developing a process that works for businesses of all sizes and industries. Tower Light Media uses the power of affordable video to help businesses of all sizes increase their brand impact. We provide our clients with an end-to-end experience that is tailored to their budget and needs, from ideation and creative development to production and post-production. We aim to create content and make videos for businesses that will help them with advertising and sales conversions. We also assist businesses and companies in telling their stories.  We are committed to transforming your vision into exceptional, compelling video that produces measurable results. We value our relationships with our clients and their businesses. We take complex ideas and turn them into actionable videos with measurable outcomes. We use the best video equipment, technologies, and talent available. We have a moral and ethical obligation to create only positive and responsible content.

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